Thursday, October 24, 2013

October Status Update and A Darkness Mirrored Cover Reveal

A quick update to let you all know that I've been hard at work ever since The Greater Darkness was released. I've released several books as Dean Murray, which is important because the Dean Murray and the Eldon Murphy Reflections books are all set in the same universe. Dean's characters still live in a pretty violent place, but aren't faced with as many morally gray choices so their stories tend to be a little less dark.

Despite that, there are many more similarities between the two series than there are differences, and I've been planning on at least partially merging the two storylines for a couple of years now. The release of A Darkness Mirrored (on November 8th) is an important step in that direction, but I have more news than just that. I've also finished the rough draft of the first 'jointly' written Eldon Murphy/Dean Murray novel, which is tentatively scheduled to come out in May of 2014.

That particular book still needs a name (I'm still calling it Geoffrey, Ben and Jasmin's book in my head), but I think it does a good job of tying both half of the stories together. If you haven't gone ahead and read the Dean Murray Reflections novels then I highly encourage you to go do that. You can start with Broken (a little more focused on the romance and less focused on the violence) for free, or you can go sign up for Dean's mailing list and get download instructions for a free copy of Torn 88 link88 (slightly more violent and action-packed than Broken). It doesn't matter which one you start with because they are two halves of the same story. Even better, they are designed so that after reading one you can still read the other and find out bits and pieces of things that weren't answered in the first book.

Events are about to heat up dramatically for Geoffrey and the Sanctuary pack both. You're not going to want to miss what's coming, or the backstory either one!

The Setup:
Geoffrey has been called a lot of things: warrior, werewolf killer, slave, lover…vampire…soulless. They are all the truth. He's killed hundreds, possibly even thousands of people without a single regret, but that's only part of the truth.

This is the story of the one and only person who called Geoffrey father, the story of an orphan that Geoffrey took in and raised, the girl who would become the woman that he would sacrifice everything for.

This is Lucy's story.